Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memories earliest

I cannot say my best memory of hockey was my earliest.  My dad and mom took my brother and me to a North Stars game and someone on the ice smashed his head and it bled.   And when it bled, the flu I had got all that much worse.

So yes, I vomited at the sight of blood.  But I was 4 and a half years old.   And it was predestined that I would get more sick, having had a 102 temp all day.

My dad wasn't the kind to turn down free anything, let alone tickets for a game.  They sell beer at events, don't you know.

Please don't hold this against me.   I've seen Clint Malarchuk's artery blast and don't even blink, but back then, at 4 and half, I might have hurled.  Oh hell yes I would.  Not even might have.

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