Thursday, January 9, 2014

As Topps' Sets Go

It's weird how in my time of collecting and tinkering with hockey cards that funny little trends you tend to notice.  One that has always been a bit strange is the Parkhurst(focusing on Canadian teams leaving Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull out of some sets) /Topps(focusing on US teams leaving greats like Jean Beliveau and Maurice Richard) thing and the OPC/Topps thing.  To this day most Canadiens will scoff at collecting anything but OPC from the late 60's through the mid 80's.  Anyway, by the mid sixties parkhurst was gone and topps got on the ball and created what I consider to be one of the coolest looking sets they have made in hockey 1965-66 Topps.  Not only does this set have the batman-styled team headings(built out of pucks) at the top of the cards but it also features the Gordie Howe "FIRST NHL 600 GOAL SCORER".  Now lets talk rookie cards. Since every vintage set collector always wants good rookies in the set they are building to help it keep value this set has some all time greats.  How about Gerry Cheevers (HOF), Yvon Cournoyer (HOF), Ed Giacomin(HOF), Paul Henderson, Ken Hodge, and some guy named Phil Esposito(HOF)(who doesn't look quite look right in that Blackhawks jersey).  I have started this 132 card set and right now I possess 44/132.  Some of the highlights I have now are Henri Richard, Tim Horton, Bruins, Rangers, Canadiens, and Red Wings Team Cards, Bobby Hull, Jean Beliveau, and Dave Keon.  This is a labor of love that I have been working on for about eighteen months and am enjoying every minute of the hunt...but man is it starting to get hard.


  1. That is a beautiful card, and it expresses so much joy of play. Kudos on a great choice of a card set to begin.

  2. Yeah, it's labor of love...of very expensive love...