Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Interview With A Super Fan

Introducing Miss Kelsey Graice

Kelsey is a Hockey fan extraordinary and I chose to interview her for the fact that on Twitter, when the game is on, she is on fire, making the game almost as interesting as her commentary.

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I'm from Oakville, Ontario but live in Los Angeles now.

On Twitter you entertain a lot of folks with your commentary about hockey.  How did you become a fan?

I think I was always a hockey fan. Growing up in Canada, it's always part of the dialogue, part of the culture. My brothers played, I played, the neighbourhood kids played. We all gathered around the TV to watch Hockey Night in Canada. I don't think you can really escape it.

What team is your favorite, what players do you dig, and, why them?

The LA Kings are my favourite, of course! Growing up in a household of Leafs fans. I think I was around 6 or 7, when I decided the Kings were my team. I wanted to be different than my brothers. And Gretzky wasn't too bad. I always get asked who my favourite players are. This is like Sophie's choice for me with so many amazing Kings guys, past and present. Looking at this season and the team now, I am a big Martinez fan this year, will always love Kopi (have #11 tattooed on me), Quick is a golden god so you can't hate on that. I love them all for different reasons, even when they're having a rough time.

Do you collect hockey cards, memorabilia?  Do you go to signings and such?

I am a huge collector. I have hundreds of hockey cards, lots of game-worn sweaters, sticks, helmets, etc. I don't go to signings. I am really really shy when it comes to meeting them. I would never be brave enough to ask for a picture or a photo. So I buy things that are pre-signed. haha. I turn into a four year old kid around NHL players, because they will always be my heroes.

If you could meet one player for an hour, in a room, alone, without any interruptions, who would it be?

If I could spend an hour with a player it would be Bobby Orr. I just think he is beyond an amazing player, he is a good human being. He is full of wisdom. If you haven't read his autobiography, I would highly recommend it.

What city needs a hockey team, what city needs to lose its team?  Why?

I would love for Seattle to get a team (name it the Metropolitans please, love the tradition of that). I think it would be a great market to support a team. I don't know if the Florida Panthers are supporting their team. I've seen some photos with some very empty arenas. Also San Jose should lose their team, because I hate them.

Everyone who loves hockey has a player they cannot stand, whether it is a player their team has on the roster that they wish would go away, or an agitator from another team who gets under your skin.  Who is yours?

A player I love to hate would definitely be Corey Perry. You have to dislike his tactics on the ice as an agitator but at the same time, his skill level is undeniable. From chirping, cheap shots, and filling gloves with water, he is the definition of annoying on the ice. But he has a sweet shot.

Of all the games you've watched, on telly or in person, what is the most memorable and why?

I remember the first game I went to with my dad. Leafs and Rangers. All I remember is my dad caught a puck and I just held it the entire game. I thought it was the most magical thing to have an actual puck that NHL players had played with.

Thank you Kelsey