Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Players who Push My Angry Button

Not going to spend a lot of time, but, here, these are the players I dislike.

I chose for this display as King of the Bad Men: Todd Bertuzzi.  With Bertuzzi being nearly universally despised, I feel pride in this elective choice. I realize he apologized and such, for what he did to Steve Moore, and I think he meant it.  I still don't like him.

You'll notice, I don't use the word hate here.  Also you won't hear me saying "Even I could play better than..." because I can't.  I can't skate.  I could not keep up with them if there weren't skates.  I might be tempted to use the stick as a weapon, but I don't even think I could come close to being dangerous.  I promise, I am not suggesting anything except, I don't like these players. 

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