Wednesday, March 26, 2014

UMD Bulldogs versus Bowling Green

4 overtimes, 5 Bowling Green, 4 University of Minnesota Duluth.

When I tried to say it was sad but each team had their chances, I was told to shut the F*&^ up and later challenged to a fist fight.   While I wanted the Bulldogs to win, since I was going to school there, 4OTs means, you should not feel one bit ashamed to be the loser, you could well have been the winner.  I know life is hard, but second place in such a game isn't something to be ashamed of.  People don't really like to hear that.  They want to say they were robbed, or the other team got lucky, but really, 7 periods of hockey, at that level of intensity, one goal difference?  That means that the two teams were very even.

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Memories of this game are still a bit sad, since the team was so great, and fun to watch, but in retrospect it is OK by me.  Kosher meals always serve a sweet when they serve a bitter, to remind us how life works, well, UMD Bulldogs lost, true, but they did so in spectacular fashion.