Saturday, July 26, 2014

Odds and Ends

Hey you Hockey Pucks!  I want to support an animal shelter in my area, but I have no funds.  Paying for cancer treatment after a lifetime of making very little money can really screw things up.  But, I want to try something.  I have 10 hockey jersey cards, and I would be willing to send someone them, for a money order, cash or check made out to the animal shelter.  CROSSROADS is the shelter.  Serious inquiries can be sent to about what ten players, and how much money.  I am avoiding showing them here for the fact that some people have tried to scam me in the past, and I want to have a decent amount of trust in the transaction to make it work.


Some people wrote to me asking for more good sellers on ebay.  I am happy to do so, but again offer no guarantees, and your experience should be let the buyer beware.  I am fortunate to list the sellers I have, my funds are very limited, and having good experiences saves hassle, and makes the most of the dollars I have.








I am on facebook, and one of the aspects of that social media beast is being able to talk to and deal with actual famous people who I might like.  The following three links are to hockey people, who are quite wonderful on FB.

Pavel Datsyuk


Alexei Kovalev

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Players who Push My Angry Button

Not going to spend a lot of time, but, here, these are the players I dislike.

I chose for this display as King of the Bad Men: Todd Bertuzzi.  With Bertuzzi being nearly universally despised, I feel pride in this elective choice. I realize he apologized and such, for what he did to Steve Moore, and I think he meant it.  I still don't like him.

You'll notice, I don't use the word hate here.  Also you won't hear me saying "Even I could play better than..." because I can't.  I can't skate.  I could not keep up with them if there weren't skates.  I might be tempted to use the stick as a weapon, but I don't even think I could come close to being dangerous.  I promise, I am not suggesting anything except, I don't like these players. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Never let it be said that I do not reward readers of my work, or people who post upon the site.  The following are some of the best sellers on EBAY in my personal, perhaps limited experience.  I recommend them but do not offer guarantees or special discounts.  Just enjoy, have fun, and SCORE!!!!!!!!








Sunday, July 6, 2014

4 of my favorite Card Sets

As someone who doesn't make much if any money, my tastes do not run expensively in hockey cards. I love hockey, and love the cards, but as any buyer or collector knows, collecting requires money, so I am limited.

One card set I really like is from the KHL.  They are relatively cheap if you can find them from a reputable seller.   I have a bought cards from a seller friend in Latvia who sends them, when ordered, for a rate that is very reasonable, and I've never had a problem with the order or delivery time.  The card set features the best players in their KHL jerseys.  The cards offer a variety of signed and jersey special inserts.  I am not a card expert, I realize some folks might dislike the cards for a variety of reasons, but I really enjoy the photography, and the ability to get players who I like who are no longer NHL'ers.

Another set I collect is from the Ultimate hockey set, released by Upper Deck, called "Ultimate National Heroes collection."  They feature a national flag of the player and a jersey swatch, or patch from the jersey, and are numbered below 300 cards.  My favorite players are often neither Canadian or US players, so this set offered to me a breadth of players I normally don't see in hockey cards.

I am a fool for the card designs of Pacific.  2003-2004 Pacific Prism cards come in a wide variety of colors, and it is rather exciting to have a cards of the players you collect in metallic colors: Red, Blue, Gold and Silver. The cards include variations and signatures, and all the bells and whistles you can imagine.

Lastly, another lovely Pacific card set, Pacific Luxury Suite, again, 2003-04.  The company might well do things a bit more ostentatiously than other companies, and it is true that there is no Old School feel to these cards.  However, for what they are I find the look to be very beautiful, and the cards are some I wish to collect the entire series and tangent mini sets of inserts for. 

In my next installment I will let you know, my Favorite Sellers on Ebay.  I will name names, and provide links.  I am not going to do so for reasons of reward, in fact, I will offer a disclaimer that I am not an agent for any of the sellers, nor do I guarantee that your experience will match my own.  But I think of what I am going to do as a service to you the reader.  If you like to collect cards in a lust filled rage of opulent purchases, well you might want to ignore my advice.  If you like to collect, from people who do a good job, and you can save money by going through, then you'll appreciate my advice.