Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Big Brawl of 1989


It was a cold night if I remember right.  I was waiting in a car for my wife as she was at a party for co-workers, a sort of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and New Years shebang.  The date was 12/28/1989.  

As the North Stars and Blackhawks did their warm ups and skate, North Stars Shane Churla and Basil McCrae took a dislike and acted upon it towards the Chicago players.  If there was a plan to attack the enemy team prior to the attack, I don't know, but what I do know is that while waiting for the pre-game, I heard a radio call of a dozen fights.  It was really very exciting, however wrong it might have been.


I was waiting and waiting but my wife came out of the house where the party was before the game actually was able to start.  As it was, the excitement of the many brawls had probably deflated any of the possible drama of the game.  


If I disliked the Blackhawks prior to the game, and I did, what I did now was hate them.  I hated them with a fire that could only be quenched by more fist fighting and slew footing.  I wanted to see Basil McRae crush all of the Blackhawks, and Shane Churla douchenozzle the load of them into a waste bin and dump them out into a giant dumpster.  I wanted the Blackhawks to die.

In other words, I was excited by the spectacle.  For good or ill, I LIKED IT.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Longtime since posting, odds and ends .

The initial purpose of this blog was going to be about collecting cards of hockey, memories of hockey, going to games, watching games, and more.  But time has its way of eroding time and commitment to projects.  So I apologize for the lack of updates.

My son and I are going to be writing more regularly here, but, again, that might be difficult depending upon the schedules.  I plan to do more interviews, if I am able, and to do more writing on the season at hand.  I had planned to write more about the previous season of hockey, and I entered it with great hope, I lost much of my happiness about the game of hockey and in general due to the events in Ukraine and the interactions with Russia.  I am not here going to debate the blame for such, but I found that most of the players I liked were saying things I disagreed with, and I could not bear to watch them.  I think this coming season will be different, and I look forward to great hockey, and great rivalries.

I am hoping to also interview some fans of hockey who are much older and who have a wider span of knowledge of the game.  This isn't, at all, complaining about any previous interview, I just am thinking how great it would be to have watched so many great years of hockey and have a memory of it to place in context Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe alongside Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and now names like Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos...

Lastly, I don't want to bring up my health all the time, but, while I am still in remission with cancer, I
have been dealing with another health issue that is rather difficult to overcome.  I hope it passes, and if it does great, but if it doesn't, then this blog will likely fall away.  If that is the case, thank you for having read this blog, and for considering the various entries, the best sellers on Ebay, the interviews, and everything else.  Your support and friendship are valuable and welcomed.

Here is the news I've been waiting for for a very long time... Expansion, and return of hockey to Quebec.