Friday, August 26, 2016

A return to action for the Hockey Blog.

Returning to blogging took a while.  I was at first dealing with cancer, then depression, then other issues like kidney stones... I am not just making excuses, but those are reasons.  I should reintroduce myself, but, it isn't so much about me, as it is about loving hockey.

I am a writer, published, self published, and poor.  I love hockey cards, watching games, talking hockey to like minded fans.  I am not, however, very typical for a viewer of sports.  Perhaps as a result of growing up with a father who loved a sports team unconditionally but people conditionally, I had to deal with a fan, right from the start, who was devout in his fellowship of football, all hail thee oh Minnesota Vikings.  Bless us oh father, Oh Fran Tarkington, oh Alan Page.  Well we lived in Wisconsin, in the 1960s, when the Packers were great, and Joe Namath was a rock star.  I liked the Packers and Jets, and my father gave me crap all the time.  So eventually, I gave up and liked his team, confused, perhaps, over the point.  We like who we like, right?  I loved him, he is now gone, but the moment he left us, I began to have a flood of realizations about sports likes and support.  I gave up any sort of favorites and reassessed my life.  And now, I primarily like the sports I like, for the sport, and the stories.  I used to have a list of teams I hate, but now, there are few teams I dislike even.  The Blackhawks of Chicago are pretty much the sole hockey team that qualifies as an enemy.  Quite differently, I remember the teams I loved, quietly, in the middle of football country.

While I liked hockey before then, when I watched the Minnesota Boys Hockey tournament in 1979,  after that, I followed every level of the sport.  I loved the North Stars, Nordiques, and Jets.  And many different teams in Minnesota, the Golden Gophers, UMD Bulldogs, Duluth East Greyhounds, and many more.  And the Olympics in Winter, oh hell yeah I loved the Hockey.  And I was very interested in the players from the behind the Iron Curtain.

During the 80s and 90s the spread of European athletes who had post Communist country roots, I began a love affair with even more aspects of the sport.  The KHL, German, Swedish, and Swiss leagues of hockey are now as interesting to me as any North American play.   For some reason, perhaps I am Latvian in descent deep within my DNA, I've liked the players from Latvia, and also Swedes and Finns.   So I am a person who reads articles about hockey, the NHL, KHL, and other leagues.  I wait for the spring tournaments and The Minnesota Boys' hockey tournament. 

I have favorite players, many more than the set of players I compiled.  And I have favorite teams, and memories of teams.  So I will be back sooner than the last time I said I would be back.  Best wishes, and go Islanders, Capitals, Habs, Jets, Dinamo Riga and every other team I support.

Thanks for your time.

"Bushido is realized in the presence of death.
This means choosing death whenever there
is a choice between life and death. There is
no other reasoning." Tsunetomo Yamamoto

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