Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not much to say so I'll say it with images

I have collected stamps in the past.  Not hockey stamps from various countries, but those from the Soviet Union and other no longer existing countries.  This image has stamps from Sweden, Finland, Canada, the overseas dept of St. Pierre et Miquelon, CCCP, Mongolia and the US.  Other countries allow images of living people on their stamps, the US doesn't, so there is a difference of approach with its stamps versus the other countries.

Parkhurst Parkie Tall Boys were magnificent cards from the early 1960s.  The didn't depend upon flashy metal or prisms or real patches or blood stained clothing swatches, the were straight up simple and lovely.  

I often talk about hockey to people, and it seems they either hate it, or love it, and those who love it are divided between the love of the sport, and with the fights.  Hockey has a long history of fighting, and while it is often said that the game has no room for enforcers, they still play, and they still protect their team's best scorer. 

Strangely, though I understand some of the interest in fighting (it is cruel, exciting, dangerous) it is why a great many people who dislike hockey, dislike the sport.  Fighting makes a mockery of the sport, and serves up very poor lessons for young skaters entering a life of hockey.  Then again I can confess, the sport is so beautiful, perhaps the speed and grace on the ice would seem flat, if we didn't have the brutality of the fights to show us what lays just beyond the controlled perfect sport.

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